Classes in Synergistic Kinesiology

A series of four classes completing the course are now available in Southern California to enable you to become trained as a practitioner in Synergistic Kinesiology.

This type of kinesiology is the ONLY one that is 100% accurate as it requires that six pre-tests are completed before any kinesiology balancing is attempted.  If these critical six pre-tests are NOT conducted, it is likely that you will only be getting false positives and false negatives for all subsequent muscle testings.

meridiansCome and learn the accurate way to use kinesiology with other like-minded students, while changing your life and learning how to work miracles in the lives of others.

Complementary to every healing modality, accurate kinesiology allows the body to kick in with its own innate healing energy, but only once it is in balance.

The vast majority—if not all of us—are out of balance and therefore experiencing multiple unwanted symptoms that add stress and pain and needless aging to our bodies.

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It is called synergistic kinesiology because it is a hybrid of the best and most accurate systems from around the world utilizing many different modalities.

A certificate of completion is available after all sessions are attended.

Image of Certificate
Your Personalized Certificate of Completion – suitable for framing – given at the end of the course