The Metaphysics of Kinesiology: Access to the Universal Field


Learn the technique of accessing the universal field outside of yourself via synergistic kinesiology training.

This energy field enters humans through a system of meridians, or energy pathways, that allow lifeforce (also known as chi or prana) to flow into our bodies.

Using synergistic kinesiology is a proven method to keep this energy flowing in balance within the body.  While in perfect balance, the body is self-healing. Once mastered, this system allows you to access the universal field to receive answers to any question.


It is not surprising that Western medicine—driven by the idea that something must be added to the human body for wellness to occur—does not have a model for energy balancing, although every other medicine system around the world does.

From ancient tribal traditions to modern Asian medicine, they all recognize that the underlying mechanism for health is the primal life force energy flowing through the body.  And when it does NOT flow, and energy becomes stagnant, this is when congestion occurs, the body struggles to rejuvenate itself, and organs weaken and fail.

The Body is Designed to be Self-Healing

The primary idea behind synergistic kinesiology is that the body is a perfect, self-healing, miraculous mechanism with the ability to keep itself in perfect working order—provided it is kept in electrical balance.

And provided the fundamental laws of nature are observed, such as allowing only pure foods and pure liquids within this bio-electrical elegance we call our bodies.


The Ancient Chinese mapped a system within the body called meridians which are pathways through which the life-energy known as chi or prana flows. When chi flows freely through the meridians, the body is balanced and healthy, but if the chi becomes blocked, stagnated or weakened, it can result in physical, mental or emotional ill health.

What throws it out of balance?  What causes the blockages? The common factors we share are the stresses of living, compounded by overwhelm, anxiety, and depression (which is epidemic, affecting 25% of American women).  We sedate ourselves to seek relief but at a high cost to our health, joy and happiness.

Thus there are huge benefits in knowing how to test to determine if the body IS in balance and how to correct those imbalances before they form a chronic state of dis-ease.

Everything in our World is Connected to Everything Else

WEB_Web-of-LifeNot only do we have energy pathways running through our body, but these pathways connect us to something larger—a universal energy field.

According to Newton we live in a world comprised of discrete, separate objects, which of course includes the human being. This old paradigm belief is the antithesis of the idea of a universal energy field, and many have abandoned this idea for the new science of quantum physics.

New quantum reality physics has proven that instead of everything being separate, all life is connected. This excerpt from the book The Field shares new science that states that even our memories are stored not within our brains, but in this universal field—and our brains function as receivors to access these memories:

Biology has more and more been determined a quantum process, and consciousness as well, functions at the quantum level (connected to a universe of energy that underlies and connects everything). Scientist Walter Schempp’s showed that long and short term memory is stored not in our brain but in this “Field” of energy or light that pervades and creates the universe and world we live in.

A number of scientists since him would go on to argue that the brain is simply the retrieval and read-out mechanism of the ultimate storage medium – the Field. Associates from Japan would hypothesize that what we think of as memory is simply a coherent emission of signals from the “Field,” and that longer memories are a structured grouping of this wave information. If this were true, it would explain why one tiny association often triggers a riot of sights, sounds and smells. It would also explain why, with long-term memory in particular, recall is instantaneous and doesn’t require any scanning mechanism to sift through years and years of memory.

If they are correct, our brain is not a storage medium but a receiving mechanism in every sense, and memory is simply a distant cousin of perception.

Some scientists went as far as to suggest that all of our higher cognitive processes result from an interaction with the Field. This kind of constant interaction might account for intuition or creativity – and how ideas come to us in bursts of insight, sometimes in fragments but often as a miraculous whole. An intuitive leap might simply be a sudden coalescence of coherence in the Field.

So understanding that the universal field is not only the storehouse of all intelligence and data, but you have been accessing in a very intimate way all along, as it stores your own memories and sparks your inspirations.


Therefore, being able to tap into this vast and unlimited data field of infinite intelligence is the New Frontier.

Of course, everyone has access to the field via prayer and meditation.  But many are uncertain of the answers they receive.

This is when it is helpful to receive validation through another method, using kinesiology and the body’s own electrical field.

Surprising and unexpected information can be accessed using the specific techniques taught in the course of Synergistic Kinesiology.

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Specific areas of the brain – The Wernickes Center – have been correlated to limiting beliefs and authoritative commands that restrict us from living our fullest life.  Once corrections have been made and these commands have been cleared, access to enhanced creativity and spiritual and metaphysical gifts and talents are opened.